Friday, December 27, 2013

And that's who I am

Je hebt ze vast al voorbij zien komen. Foto's van "and that's who i am". Zo leuk deze foto's waarmee je al beeldend kunt laten zien wie je bent. Ik vind het ook wel bij het einde van het jaar passen. Ik ga dan altijd resumeren. Even terugblikken en vooruit plannen voor het volgende jaar.

So this is who I am

of my moms family i am the second and middle child
if you count all the brothers and sisters in my parents got together in my life (even steph), i am just the second child

and happy to be

i tend to like to much things

Hufflepuff is the house in Harry Potter's movies. Values of the house members are hard work, patience, loyalty, honesty and no attitude.

i just don't function in messy spaces

ever since i have camera's

i'm a small person, who cares

every day

bad for my money

his creativity is fab

don't we all??

it is realy sad

can't help it

when i say go away

so true

a very annoying habbit

home sweet home

thinking about my dad who can play so beautiful

My goal! Amen!

wish i wasn't though

got me where i stand now!

you won't see me swimming in the sea that far, climbing a mountain, bungee jumping
or hiking in deserted places no way!

diary's full
Writers are there to stay

with rosemarin and methol herbs please

And thats's who I am!

Wie ben jij?? Kijk op http://andthatswhoiam.tumblr.com/ voor de plaatjes die bij jou passen en laat het ons zien.

Good things are closer than you think

Sweet greets,


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